Sunday, 16 October 2016

Colour Wheel Game Spotlight

So I recently got in contact with an indie Dev of a mobile game called "colour wheel", Iroiro Games contacted me after Ii reached out for anybody with any sort of playable builds of any sort of games, now normally I don’t play a lot of mobile games, especially ones I’ve never heard of before, but since these guys where nice enough to let me give it ago to do some content on it i thought " why the hell not ?" so that what I did, I downloaded it on my Samsung tab 4 10.1 and started playing it,

Now it’s not anything like a mobile game I have played before, it’s not trying to send you to an end level or anything, but it’s a points based system, think bejewelled meets a painters pallet, the whole idea of the game is to try and match harmonies as the game calls them, there are 6 possible harmonies that can created with several different combinations to make each one, and that points system that I was talking about earlier is based on how many harmonies you can make.

To create the harmonies there are 15 different colours to use , the more larger you make your harmony the more points you will receive, the colours are Red, red-Orange, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Lime, Green, Cerulean, Blue, Teal, Purple, Magenta, Black, White, and Rainbow. The rainbow acts sort of like a wild card, it will mix and match its self to what ever you want it to be.

Now onto actual gameplay, I’ve been playing with this for a couple of days now and while it’s not AAA gaming addictive, its more “ oh I’ve got 15 minutes free lets jump on and try and beat my old score” type of addictive, and I even let my mother have a go of it for a while, she’s a massive bejewelled fan, all the knock off she has all the cookie crunch Facebook games, most of my family play and she’s miles ahead of them, and even she thought it was a cool change to the normal way these type of games work. There are 4 different game modes and each one is slightly different in the way you meet the end goal of a high score.
But I’m not going to spoil what all the modes are, that’s something you guys are going to have to go and check out for your self’s here’s a link to the game on the google play store, its free so go on over and grab it and try it for yourself.
Being as this is my first sort of review/ spotlight of  game that I have done a write up of I don’t really have a reference to compare it to, when I do videos you guys can see it in my face and hear it in my voice if I’m enjoying a game or not, and me just typing how I feel doesn’t really give of a feel to the game, so I guess a rating system should be brought in but seeing as how this isn’t a AAA developer it won’t be like an IGN review where it nit-picks every little detail I’m thinking Game Play, Visuals, and how fun the game is to play that will be our new system for ratings so…

Game Play: being it a time water game and something I can put down( but want to pick up as soon as I can) I’m thinking 7/10

Visuals: the game doesn’t really have many to judge here, but what ones they do have they have done well, The animated sprite on the menu screen the fluid movement between screens id have to say it’s a solid 8/10

Fun: this is the big one, how fun is the game to play, this is what it all comes down to when deciding to install a game, will I enjoy this, and if you’re the type of person who wants to sit down for a good couple hours and smash out a game, then no, this isn’t for you, but if you want something that’s fun to pull out while waiting for a train, at an airport or even while your waiting a couple minutes for your food to cook, then yes this is a great game for you, and with that said it’s a really solid 9/10

So final scores are 24/30 which if you can do math you will know is a pretty decent score it’s an 80% and that’s not exactly bad…

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