Monday, 24 October 2016

Skybreak the No Man's Sky that isnt shit?

Sky break is one of those games that come along once every blue moon, they are really well put together, they look outstanding and they dont break the bank. it one of the games that im kicking my self for not knowing about earlier in its development because i would have loved to support these guys in anyway i could to get this out sooner.

the game is made by FarSky Interactive the same people who brought you far sky a couple of years ago back in 2014 and it shows they haven't just been sitting on their thumbs the whole time they have been hard at work.

So picture this, the earth is dying, a new virus has emerged and has started wiping out the human population , what does our world government do? why they send people into space to research and find a cure of course, but wait... somethings gone wrong your ship has crashed and you have been flung from the debris, you awake with a crushed ship and no clue where you are, you must battle the elements and the "Wild Life", now i use quotation marks because the wild life are robots.. or mechs i should say, picture wolves but robot wolves really angry robot wolves.

the guys over at farSky Interactive really do know how to do survival games and after the recent outrage from the community over the whole  No Man's Sky ordeal its amazing to see devs not shying away from exploration space type games, its a bit of a leap to compare the two but i do feel they share a similar approach in the type of game they are going for


controls are simple and intuitive, WASD to move,space to jump,mouse to aim and shift to run/ have an endurance bar that limits how long you can run for, this is also uses a 1/4 at a time by jumping, you have an inventory that stores your items and an ammo pouch type bag that holds you ammo, kind of self explanatory i know but it also hold your hacking tool, i like to think of it as a hacking taser as it shoots out like a taser would on to the mechs in the world, speaking of mech, ever wanted a pet robot that is also a bad-ass killing machine? yeah you do who doesn't want a bad-ass killing robot? well sky-break has them, this is the main function on the hacking tool, to hack into the robot after yo beat them in battle and they begin to listing to you, the do things such as follow you, and attack enemies to help you, they can be upgraded from the sky ship with fragments you collect form beating other mobs, the same goes with your self you can upgrade your Armour your blaster, your endurance just like any other sort of rpg type game. 8/10 its a very well done approach to a very saturated market but they managed to break through and make something great here.


Outstanding, simply amazing, beautiful. For a game made in the unity engine, an engine that alot of indie devs have used and not been able to pull much off with, FarSky have done wonders, it is hands down one of if not the prettiest games i have played in 2016, and the optimization holly balls, i was able to run this game on a 6 year old gpu in full HD on high with 60+ fps, which is the bare minimum these days for a quality experience, 9/10 just because of the fact nothing can be a perfect 10 as there is always something wrong.. i just cant find it yet.

Again farsky are hitting all the right boxes, at the time of me writing this I'am only 3 hours into the game,( I've died a fair few times and had to repeat alot of stuff) and I'am loving it, i dont see myself putting it down until its finished which is something i dont do often, normally with games like this ill play it for 6-7 hours and get bored but this games has the potential to hook you and be a classic, i can see it being something people will speed run, i can see it being something you will come back to in 5-10 years when you are looking for that rush of excitement of a nostalgic game 8/10 in the fun department.

25/30 or an 83% in our scoring its the highest i think i have ever scored a game and that's just because its the best game i have played in a long time, it has me wanting to play more, to explore more, to go and find this dam cure for the virus and save the world and i love that about it, its making games fun again,something people seem to miss when they make good games, the focus to much on the micro transaction instead of just making a good game as always links down below to where you can find the game and the devs web page, I've also linked to my own personal channel where i have started a play through of the game if you guys would like to follow me on my journey through the world that is SkyBreak.

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