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Dev interviews--- Garrett Swindell: Computer Repair Simulator

Remember that spotlight we did a little while ago about the computer repair simulator? of course you do but if you dont a link can be found here

well we were lucky enough to snatch away Garrett from the busy life of deving and get a quick interview with him and I'am going to publish it below, this is one of the things we here at SGR like the most about what we do, getting to know the people behind the games we enjoy, its all well and good knowing " oh this group made the game" but when you actually get a chance to talk to the people you find out things about them that shows where they got their inspiration from and you can really tell if they are passionate about the game they have made, or if they are just pushing out game after game to keep the lights on.

Lucas-"So Garrett, the game is great but we all want to know.. how long have you been working on it."

Garrett-"I started working on the game in late November 2015, implementing the base code."

Lucas-"interesting concept for a game, computer repair, mind letting everyone know when and how you can up with something so out there?"

Garrett-"I work in the IT field and I am a geek at heart.  I have been programming for a very long time (since I was 13, now 31), and for some strange reason I was looking for a game like this that had the detail and reality...but could not find one.  That was the same night I began drawing up concept art in my cold lonely basement.  Several days later I invited two of my friends over (Monty Wilsher and Andrew MacArthur) to help me put ideas around the game play.  From then, the project sat idle for a while, and was picked back up in November of 2015."

Lucas-"you mentions you had a couple of friends help you at the start, do you have a team you work with these days or is it a solo operation."

Garrett-"I started alone to get the concept going, and once the concept was proven, I picked a few other team members up to help accelerate the progress.Here is the current team:
Garrett - programming, modeling, basic graphics, web, server, music
Euthumis Kechagioglou - website manager, marketing, press, ideas (he is also getting into programming)
Brooke Swindell - graphics / fonts
Andrew MacArthur - sound FX"

Lucas-" awesome awesome, enough about business things, lets learn a bit about you, why , why did you get into game deving?"

Garrett-"Since I was a young kid that played his first Atari game, I knew I wanted to ultimately launch a video game one day.  I remember playing Joust like it was yesterday."

Lucas-"i have to admit the Atari was a bit before my time but i can understand the passion it gives,you mentioned always wanting to publish a game one day, how long have you been working towards that dream?"

Garrett-"My passion is making video games, but I have always tinkered.  I started modeling and coding at the age of 13, my first game being a simple text game built in Q-Basic on a Windows 3.1 computer.  Second game was a checker game also in Q-Basic on Windows 3.1.  In between I tinkered with many different software licenses including that of 3D Game Studio, Torque, Realm Crafter, Java 3D, and a few others I could afford, but settled on 3D Game Studio.  We are now at 31 years old so I have been developing games for 18 years."

Lucas-" wow you have been deving almost as long as I've been alive that's pretty damn cool i have to say, i just want to say thank you for agreeing to this inter view anything else you'd like to say before we part ways?"

Garrett-"The Alpha Concept launch was very successful, the month isn't even over and we now have over 10,000 downloads of the game (good thing we updated our web server haha) and a lot of great feedback...I did not expect this to take off like it did, as I tell my family and friends, "I have created a monster".  I want to personally thank everyone who helped prove this concept, this project shall move into the next phase which is "commercializing" it so that the code is solid and the game is actually playable with a story.  The other item at hand is working with hardware / software manufacturers to use their branding and technology which has been pretty successful so far.  This week alone we have had 2 publishing requests which is very positive.  I am excited to see where the future goes with this software technology."

and there you have it, as you can see Garrett does truly have a passion for what hes doing hes been ding it for close to 20 years now, if there's a dev out there that you want us to interview be sure to send us an email or hit us up on twitter and we will do our best to get in contact with them, as always links will be down below to our email, twitter and our you tube channel be sure to follow us for more cool things related to the world of indie gaming.

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