Saturday, 29 October 2016

Awkward Dimensions Redux.. its not... all bad?

I dont like visual experience games, if I wanted to watch a story unfold, I watch a movie, if I wanted to make my own choices I'd play a RPG , if I wanted to follow a linear game if play a plat former. Their are very few people who can make a visual experience game and make them well, most notable is telltales, i absolutely love telltales games they are what should held as the pinnacle of how to tell a story in video game format. Awkward Dimensions Redux is not.

I'll start this off with this, I took an art class in high-school, did it for 4 years. I still dont understand artist and how their minds work, and that's okay I dont need to under stand everything in the world and I've come to terms with that, but when you take your art work and push it into video games and try to hard to make it more art than a game.. that's where i have a problem.

The games free I get that it probably isn't the best as its a second game the dev has published, but its okay for it to be bad its the second game they have published not everything is a 10/10 when it starts, but this isnt even a 5/10 hell i wouldn't even give this a 3/10.


So the game is about a guys dreams, cool concept I liked it that's why I got a copy of the game and for the first 6-7 levels its a really cool game where you go through and play through some cool dreams, and it does have some pretty cool mechanics to it, one level you are in an art museum and you must look through a painting to see whats really there. that's something I like.

What I dont like is when the artist in this case tries so hard to make it into an art piece with a meaning and subject to it that during my play-through, which can be found here ( I actually got genuinely angry at the game and had to skip a couple of levels because I couldn't deal with the devs self pity wow is fucking me bull shit that took up an entire level that I couldn't even finish,all I have to say is that thank the lord there is a skip button.

My other major complaint about the game is the lack of direction. I'm all for not spoon feeding the player to the goals, but when a level has no end and no indication of if your doing the right thing or not and than randomly will end without telling you what you did to make it end? come on now...

Now an argument to this is " but its art and you're meant to intemperate it how ever you want " you want to know what i got from the game? what i got from it was this.

It started off great the concept was cool, the art style was nice and the game played good, easy to follow controls all that jazz, but when I got to the level about 3/4 of the way through when I'm in the middle of a clearing in the woods in the dark in a semi demolished factory and all I have as things to do are;
A) pick a shoe up and look at it
B)throw it around
C)look at a mill of some sort and only look at it or
D) listen to the dev go on and on about how crappy their life is and how no one liked his first game and how he doesn't think he is going anywhere in his life forgive me if I call you out on your bullshit, during the level the he goes on to talk about how he has no choice in what makes him happy or not and if you watch my video you can see my answer to what he says.

Self-help is fine I get that some people are a bit touch and go in life and need a pick me up sometimes, but the self pity" wow is me my life is so bad nothing makes me happy" " no one liked my last game even though I thought it was good" that doesn't fly with me if something isn't making you happy or you cant bare to keep doing it, nothing is stoping you from leaving it or doing something else that does make you happy.

This isn't the normal type of post we wanted to put up here, we like to stick to cool games and fun things like interviews, cool gaming news and other things we find cool, but I had to write this to let people know just how bad I thought it was, as I said I genuinely got angry at a video game, not the sort of anger like when you die on a last life kind of angry, but the kind of angry you get if someone were to say, kick your dog on the street and i dont want anyone else to have to feel the sort of anger I felt if they dont have to and if only one person who was looking at it and wanted to know if the should download it or not ( it is free after all and a good way to kill an hour or so of your life if you skip the bull shit) then they can check here ,see that it has some of this crap in it and not waste their time.

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