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how to find cool new games

I get asked this a lot when I talk to people about doing indie game spotlights, "but where do you find them all? is there like a forum or something you use to grab them?" and I was like that at the beginning when I first got into looking for indie games  so I'm going to give you guys a few tips and places to find the next best indie games.

lets start with the main place I look for new games, they have a great site with easy to understand  menus and a very active community of indie game devs and people who just like to play indie things, they also run the site which is just what it sounds like, a great place to find mods for all sorts of games. This is the main place I start looking when i want to play something new and it has yet to let me down, the commenting system is a little bit of a hassle if your like me and have to get in contact with the devs directly as I like to be able to directly email a person rather than wait for them to maybe check their comments on a site but there is nothing you can do if the dev doesn't fill out the info sheet that they provide.

GameJolt is great, in fact it was the first place I found when I went looking for new game that weren't fully out yet or that just hadn't made it on steam, is a little confusing at first what with all the flashing lights and all the search options, what i like most about game jolt is they give the devs the option to put a price to their game with either a set price or a pay what you want option given, and I love the idea that if you want to pay for something you should have the option to pay for it even if its only a buck. What game jolt also do well is the events they help host, they help organise and put together what are known as GameJams and they are quite possibly the best thing to ever happen.

Essentially what a GameJam is for those who dont know is this. You are given a set time usually a weekend say Friday afternoon to Sunday night and in that time you have to make a game, sounds easy right , the catch is it has to be all original code, all original ideas and nothing can be pre done so no working for 6months leading up to an event on textures or sound files you have a couple days to pump out the best you can do. Obviously you are allowed to have the idea you want to do before hand, But there are some that give you guideline, such as it has to be a racing game, Or it must be in this engine although for the most part its just make a cool game in a couple days and wow everyone.

A couple tips if you are looking for new devs you want to follow or find out whats going on in the scene is twitter, there is a great hashtag on on twitter that is #indiedevhour its an hour every day or so when indie devs can shout out what they have been doing the past couple days/weeks/months and its just a way for them to find out what everyone else is doing, and if your like me a great way to find new studios to follow. Same goes with Facebook the number of European studios that are on facebook blew me away when I first had a look at some just search on face book for "indie games" and take a look for your self.

Lastly is now I've only just recently started using indiegames as a place to look at for indie games and news so their isn't much I have really to say about it but from what I have seen they do stand up work, they often have interviews and articles about indiegames and indie studios.

There are so many different people out there taking a look at indie games these days that it  really isn't hard to find gems hidden in the piles and piles of shit that is out there as long as you look for it and i love how many more people are getting into playing indie games its amazing. I have said for years now that AAA games are getting worse and worse as people just like the game thing with a flashy new paint job* cough couch* call of duty *cough couch* and that if you want a truly out standing gaming experience that you need to find your self a good indie studio that makes good games, god knows we have plenty of them.

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