Thursday, 3 November 2016

Top peripherals for Gamers who want to take it to the next level

How often do you watch a set up tour of some guy on line ? that's what I thought, they are a guilty pleasure of most of us, its just cool to see what everyone else has, human curiosity.

Now out of those set up tours how often do you see cool peripherals that they all have, there are the basics like mouse keyboard mouse pad but that's the same with a normal PC, we are gamers we do more than just click funny cat memes and eat Doritos, so why dont we go over some cool must have peripherals that every gamer should have if they want to take it to the next level.

First off a mouse, everything you can do on a PC can be done with a mouse, think I'm wrong? I'm not the on screen keyboard is a thing, it might be utter garbage but its a thing so its obvious we have to start with a mouse, but it doesn't have to be some razer naga with 12 billion buttons on the side for the most part any mouse will do, we have come leaps and bounds in the past 10 years with eBay and cheap Chinese products, hell for the longest time I used a $5 mouse form eBay and only replaced it after I got a new mouse for Christmas last year, I'm a big fps guy absolutely love them, my main focus being Counter strike so when I tell you that you dont need a stupid good mouse to still be competitive,I'm not just trying to sell you something. In-fact I encourage people to give the cheap stuff a go, if you dont like it big whoop you spend $5 on something you can on a laptop when you go away, a home media PC,Which would you rather do spend $5 on something that might be great and if its not your only out $5? or spend $80+ on something your not sure about also? I know what I chose...

Keyboards, since we can all agree the built in on-screen keyboards or the worst thing to every be considered a feature you kinda need one,But I want to bring up my point again about not having to drop $100's on a fancy ducky shine or a razor black-widow, I my self actually use a Dell keyboard, the kind you would find in an office and it is hands down the best thing i have ever typed on, I've used mechanical switched, I've used cheap $5 store brand keyboards, I've used laptop keyboards and its hands down the best I've used, now that's not to say its the best their is in the world but typing is something you have to feel for your self.

Displays are something most people claim they have the perfect monitor or monitor's and for the most part they probably are right,A monitor is something you cant really just have the best of because people have different needs and wants, some need that 144+hertz refreshrate, while others really want the deep blacks and crystal clear images of a really nice ips panel, I my self use a mixture of the 2, I have a nice high refresh rate display for my main gaming monitor, but have an absolutely beautiful ips display as my second monitor for everything from watching movies, to editing my videos.

A MouseMatt/Pad this is a simple one, do you play on a high sense or a low sense? high sens? get a small mouse pad  you dont need the room, play on a low sens? big Mousematt give your self alot of room to sweep your arm across, okay it does get a bit more technical than that but if your going to that level your beyond just looking to play games that level is a level of nerd that is just... nerdy for the sake of being nerdy.

Headset/Headphones+Mic, Who uses Skype,team speak,discord anything you use to talk to someone you are going to need a mic and a set of head phones,As I make videos I use a separate mic and headphones my main headphones as of late have been a pair of onyx trilogy headphones that i got as a gift, my mic, again back to the " not all eBay specials are shit" idea is a BM-800 eBay special, with the mic+boom arm+ pop filter+cables+sound card+shipping all came out to just over $50. is it the top of the line best you can get? no the noise floor is a little louder than id like but nothing a 5 minute fix in post cant fix and its perfect for VoIP chats.

Speakers if your not a big headphone user maybe a good pair of speakers are more your thing, have your set up plugged into a nice 5.1 surround set up with come outstanding bass and the crystal clear highs while your chilling out playing that next level of super-meat boy or some other plat-former of your choice.

Now onto the ones that a little more out there..

Controllers, now the most common controller to be used on PC is the Xbox 360 controller, and rightfully so it has out of the box connectivity with your PC and that's amazing, the ability to use a controller in some games is blissfully superb, not everything needs you to be hunched over a screen, some games are better spend kicking back on the lounge hooked up to your 50"+ TV having a laugh with friends, or hell even platformers work 10X better on a lounge as apposed to in your battle station with a keyboard and mouse.

Driving wheels, bit of a tough one here, on the one hand a controller will do for 99% of people who are playing driving games, but what about the 1% who want to take it that further? build their own cockpits, triple monitor display setups, should they be stuck with an 11 year old controller to set their lap times? nahh didn't think so that's where racing wheels come in, they range from couple $100 to well over $1000+ and come with everything from a plastic wheel and peddles to fully hydraulic breaks and hand breaks. it's serious stuff this racing sim stuff.

Drawing pads it might sound like a crazy idea and you are probably sitting there reading this going " a drawing pad ? huh I thought this was a gamers list ?" and for the most of you reading like the other things i have mentioned you probably wont need one, but for those who do need them they are ideal for rhythm tap games like OSU where you need the quick precise movements that a mouse cant give you, if you haven't watched a top level OSU player play stop reading right now and go look them up what they can do is truly amazing

Mouse bungee, a lot of you probably dont even know what a mouse bungee is... and that's fine if you need to use one you'll most likely be able to figure it out on your own, but for those who dont know a mouse bungee simply put is something to hold your mouse cord so it doesn't tangle or drag across the table top, mostly used in competitive settings where you need to as quick of a reaction as possible, others just use them to keep their desk tidy, I my self dont use one at the moment but in the past I have, they are all pretty much the same they just look a bit different.

So these are just a few of the mush have ideas that me and a couple other people could come up with for the gamer looking to take his set up to the next level, if you have any suggestions be sure to let us know over on our twitter page as always links will be below.


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