Saturday, 5 November 2016

What makes a good horror game?

A good horror game doesn't rely on shitty jump scares or creepy Gorey imagery, A good horror game should make you afraid to sleep alone for weeks,I have mentioned this alot to friends and others who ask me what I think about horror games these last few years and I tell them the same thing every time " they are crap, they are scary for the sake or scary, they dont try to do anything good they just have you run away from something be it a ghost a clown what ever and then BAM hes in front of you , oh no I got startled by a random unsolicited large picture and a loud noise boy am I scared "

No your not scared your startled there is a big difference, my best memory with a horror game was resident evil 4,        I still remember
exactly what was going on, mum had taken me and a few friends out to the shops because we wanted to rent a movie ( yes that long ago) and they had it sitting there to rent/buy you know the type of thing where you can pay for it now for the weekend and if you like it you can come back and pay for it in full, blockbuster was a weird company not sure how they stayed in bussi... oh wait ...

So we picked it up being the rebel 10 year olds we were thinking " oh come on it cant be that bad its a game" I have never been so wrong in my life and I wish I had of left it in the pile and walked away in the store.. that game gave all of us the chills, it might have been the fact we were 10, might have been the fact we were playing it in my shed out the back by ourselfs at like 11pm( that's late for a 10 year old ) but I put it down to the fact it was a genuinely scary game, it didn't just have you getting startled it made you actually frightened to turn the corner for fear you would encounter something so outragus that you may actually wet your self, be that a weird monster or the fact you were well unprepared for what was about to happen.

All this mixed with the beautiful score of the game and the art style made it one of the best if not the best horror game ever in my opinion, so it makes me overly angry when I see horror game after horror game being published that are just bad, they dont make you scared they just make you startled for a couple of minutes and then do it all over again, five nights at Freddie's is a great example of a jump scare just being there for the sake of it, if you play the first game knowing nothing about the lore its a great game the jump scares get pretty over done fairly quickly night 2 from memory is where I was no longer startled by them, but instead of changing anything about how the game scares you with the following FIVE games where they could use the lore and make the game genuinly scarey ,scott cawthon decided to keep it the same because instead of making a game that was actully a horror game, he made a game that would sell like hot cakes because bigger youtubers would over react their reactions and kids love that crap.

The best way I can describe if a horror game is good or not is like this, its the same way a film director that directs a horror film judges, " if the audience is still in the theater at the end you didn't scare them enough" some of the greatest horror directors of all time have said their favorite part about making sacry movies is watching people leave the theater half way through, no understandably a horror movie and a horror game are  a bit different but if you can sit down and pay a truly scare game all the way through in one weekend its not a good game.

I love being cared, I love the feeling of being creeped out which is weird because I hate the dark(not scared of it I just dont like not being able to see) and hate feeling uncomfortable but are for some reason drawn to being scared like its crack and I'm in need of a hot spoon, my mother told me a story once about reading a book that helps explain what I mean about a good scare, in her younger ears she  was a big big Steven king fan , in fact she still has all the books in a box in our shed, but the only book she has never been able to finish of his is " IT" and that she only got half way through it before she had to throw it in the freezer because it was too much.

Thats what a good horror game should do, it should get you in the mind set that you need to get it as far away from you as you can where it cant get to you again, I dont mean go and put you hard drive in the freezer but you should be that afraid of it that you bury it away in folder after folder so as that you cant get to it again, until you think your brave enough that you can play one more level and repeat the process over and over again until completion.


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