Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Fruits of a Feather Spotlight

Birds are a wonderful thing, Be it there mothers instinct to push their young from the nest and pray they dont die when they go splat,Or the fact they have hollow bones. But I never really wanted to be a bird,It would be cool to fly don't get me wrong( apart from my crippling fear of heights anyways ahah) But never did I want to be one. Until I played Fruit of a Feather. its simple,well made and most of all, pay what you want and inst that all we ask for of a game? Now I want to say right off the bat, that you guys should pay for the game, dont be cheap float the devs a couple bux like I did they deserve it.

So onto the game shall we?


Very simply put they are nothing but easy, W move up, S moves down, A tilts left, D tilts right, or... or you can use the mouse which is so much nicer to use for flight games... Oh did I mention its a flying game?Well its a flying game from the perspective of a bird,Not first person mind you which I would have loved,I think they missed a chance when the left it over the shoulder,Had it let you go first person it could have been one of the best games ever,And if any of the devs ever see this,First , Hey love the game.Second, GIVE US FIRST PERSON,Preferably where we can still see the beak, what I dont like about the game play is something I have a problem with most games and from what I can tell its just me that has this issue, the volume starts at full volume, now for most people that's not a worry,But I prefer to be able to set my volume manually,I'm not going to take points away from it but it is something I had to point out,And while we are talking about the audio,The back ground noise isn't controllable, I get that you kind of need the background noise to give the immersion to the game, but even if you tie it in with the "MUSIC" control it would have been something,I'm not saying its no means I love the sounds in the game I think its what takes it from being a game, to a work of art, 8/10


I cant give to much in the way of visuals because there isn't much to them,They are pretty basic unity assets. They are nice basic unity assets but the are basic unity assets they are,How many ways can I word that to say the same thing I wonder? with 4 stops of graphical options I was expecting things to change the four being "Low" "Medium" "High" "Ultra" and to my disappointment they didn't,It just made it run worse on ultra not improve the graphic quality, which isn't a bad thing, it means I could run it on low get 60+frames and have it look the exact same as if I was on ultra getting just over 30


Now was it a fun game to play,yes it was, in fact I think it may go down as one of my top 10 games to play of 2016, one of the first things i tried was.. flying stupid high and try and ram myself into the ground.. now that may seem harsh and cruel.. but its a video game about being a bird god dammit I wouldn't be human if I didn't try and murder it...8/10

So if you have ever wanted to play a dam good game that lets you fly around a map collecting fruit and be a bird then boy golly is this it, 23/30 ain't a bad game, in fact its a pretty dam good game, lasts about 2 hours or so depending on how hard of a time you have finding the last couple fruit, but its a nice twist on the exploration game genre we are being force fed by the indie dev community as of late... and they are Australians.

Go check them out


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