Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My Summer Car the best drunken mess of a car game ever

Why is it that even ever you find a really good indie game that they are always broken in the most amazing sense of the word. My Summer Car is an utter broken pile of trash and I haven't been able to stop playing it for the past week.

My Summer Car or "MSC" as ill be referring to it for the rest of this spotlight, where do I start, with the physics? The fact you can piss? Maybe the swearing? no we are going to start with what the game is, its car mechanic simulator on crack and maybe benefits payments...

The focus of the game is realism, well as real as a game about building a car can get, and it does a god job with detail right down to the size of the ring spanner you need to tighten the bolts holding the hand break into the body of the car, and as a car guy myself that attention to detail is really nice, now I'm not saying car mechanic simulator doesn't do it well but you dont have the same sense of accomplishment with car mechanic simulator as you do with MSC, but with MSC you get to see your car start from nothing but an empty shell, slowly building it into your own beautiful pride and joy.


Controls are fairly intuitive, wasd to move, F to use/equip and c to crouch (which I dont like that it defaults to that, I think it should always default to ctrl)and others things are things like the P key which does my favorite thing in the game, it lets you piss, now it doesn't go into great detail here(thankfully) but it does show you a golden stream in front of you. So lets move onto what is really important, how does it work with the building the car? well I'm glad you asked, first you are given a shell and a shed full of parts and a tool set with ring spanners, you have to start off with things like the engines' sub frame, maybe the boot lid or the hood, you grab them from your parts shed and put them on the car, you then meed to grab the trust tool kit and grab a spanner and begin your journey of not getting the right spanner until finally you have gone through all the entire set till finally you get back to the first spanner and woosh its somehow magically the right size. You have to pick up the spanners and hover over where you think the bolts would be and you use your mouse to tighten the bolts , now if you dont tighten a bolt... things can get bad.. really bad and that's all I'll say, No my major complaints with the game is the physics.. they are horrid, its the same problem I have with most indie games they dont take the time to polish and fix a lot of the bugs, from what I can tell it uses the same physics engine as things like surgeon simulator with its broken ass physics and that is what I both hate and love about the game, I love that its a broken mess and anything can happen but I also hate the fact that with a bit more work it could be the game every car guy has ever dreamed of.


They are pretty basic and I would have loved if they put a bit more effort into them but that being said I feel like the simplistic design they went with perfectly captures the "zero fucks" attitude of the game,for how bright the colours are shown its oddly dull and lifeless, with the foreground being bright and in your face but everything else is just... meh it doesn't make me go "wow this is beautiful" its in no way a bad looking game but it just doesn't wow me, again it brings me back to my point of if they worked on it a bit more it could be a spectacular. 5/10


Was it fun? yeah its everything i want in a car game, it lets me build my car from scratch as apossed to regular car games where you just get to make it look pretty, have I spent more time than I should have playing around with it? ohhh yeah its been a guilty pleasure for well over a week now and its more than paid for its self. 7/10

Now 19/30 isn't exactly the best we have ever given to a game but is looses a lot in the visual department which is where I think games loose a lot but that's just because I hold games to an extremely high standard with visuals but that's because I have been spoilt with great looking games. But I dont think that's a bad thing that there are too many awesome looking games out there to play.


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